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Simplicity.  Efficiency.  Revolutionary.

Premium Betfair Trading Software For Mac and PC

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Simplicity.  Efficiency.  Revolutionary.

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BetJet Pro is Premium Betfair Trading Software created by sports traders for sports traders.
Our focus is to provide simplicity for the sports trader and to give you the all important
edge when operating in the markets.  To do this we have used the very latest in tech – our software
is developed with the same framework used to build apps such as Spotify, Adobe Packages, Amazon
Music, Unity3D, Facebook Messenger and many others, whilst utilising the lightning fast Betfair Stream API.

BetJet Pro has been developed in a way to enable native integration for both Mac and PC users.  A performance
sapping virtual machine or partition is not required.  Being involved in the markets as we are, we fully
understand the importance of speed and performance.  Our expert development team have underpinned
BetJet Pro with performance and reliability at its core.

Whatever sport you trade, BJP has got you covered.  The software features both grid and ladder mode
which contain all the tools you need to be ahead of the competition.  In-play horse racing traders will benefit
from revolutionary features such as the race meter and win gauges.

There are two pricing plans available.  £99 per year or £9.99 per month.  Payments are made through the app
and with Paypal.  Cancel anytime.

Take advantage of our 14 day FREE trial.  No payment required with full access for 14 days.  Choose from one
of the two options below.